Hulu to GIF

(An easier way to create GIFs format from Hulu video with Youtube2GIF.exe software)

create gif file from Hulu video Create GIF movie with Texts

Hulu to GIF format conversion is easy with this YouTube2GIF desktop app.

To capture hulu video and create gif animated image, this Hulu to GIF software is your ideal choice.

You do not need to download videos, only three steps can turn the Hulu video to GIF file.

Support editing, crop orginal video and create HD GIFs.

make Hulu video to gif format

How to create animated GIF from Hulu video? It is easy, even for beginners.

Move and resize your Youtube2GIF window.

Click "Start" button.

Click "Create GIF" button.

create HD gif image from Hulu movies

Add Texts on the existing GIF
add text to gif from Hulu video

download Hulu movies
Download the Hulu to GIF application


More online video sites supported :

Create GIFs from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, NICONICO, Hulu, Metacafe, VEVO, Facebook Video, Yahoo video, MSN Video, Google Video, Liveleak, etc.

capture Hulu video to gif